Erich J Goller

From the beginning of our
Alliance Erich has been a
faithful member, posting
poems regularly on a daily
basis and reviewing other
poet’s poems diligently
and fairly as is his way….
Making him our first
 member to earn
(within a few short weeks)
the right to display
beside his name
The Writers and Poetry

 Alliance Award.
"Scribe" Since this award
Was Given he has since
Achieved the

Honorable Award


Elizabeth M Marquez

Better known as Poet

Having been a devoted
member to our site ever
 since she joined Q.M.
did deserve to
be recognised. As a great
supporter of the Alliance
she has posted and shared
much of her wonderful
 poetry to give us all an
insight into her loving,
caring heart and soul.
But as well as doing this
Q.M. as also generously
given review after review
to others in a most
friendly inspiring way.
To easily achieved the
awarded logo



Poet Dee

 In the month of July
We honored a poet that
brings peace like a dove
Because she is guided
solely by love!
This poet known

simply  as Dee

is both inside and
outside lovely to see,
All that she feels

all she  hopes to be

she writes from

her heart in poetry!
In a few short weeks

this lovely lady poet
Has gained the award

of Laureate

and is proud to

show it!




He's known to all as

Poet Cottonwood
But Robert Hewett Sr.

Is what we should
Call him now when we

Honor his name
Because that's on his books

To bring him fame!

Here on our site

He is a real good sport
So happy to join in

And be caught

He's posted well,

His reviews are great
He's brought new Poets

In through the gate
He's polite and loving

In his chat
No-one could ever ask

More than that!


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