Writer's Alliance

(Alliance Acrostic)

Writer’s of prose and poetry

gather in force to show others

their talented words

and works

Right from the start they

marry ink and paper

to create their thoughts

and perks

In all the land they’re

known far and wide.

Taking words they

delight in and bestow

upon others their own

 thoughts deep inside.

Each has a talent

Reaching to every point

of the world they are

truly gifted and


Sharing with the words

that strike so true

with every ink scrawl.


Lovingly share their

gift to delight everyone

Looking for the glimmers

 poetic words begun

Into each artist a Muse



early blank page

is full in no time,

words soon cannot hide.

ome, we'll wait!

ach of us relate!

~Dena M. Ferrari

       © 2010


Member of the


If You Can Tell A Story
And You Put It
Down On Paper

Then You're

A Writer!

If You Then Can Do It
In a Certain Style

Or In Rhyme

Then You're

A  Poet!

Come Join Us!


Who We Are!!

are writer’s as
quills marry ink,

Letting thoughts
guide the Muse;

rhyming in verse.

Loving the flow

with the new friends
who think,

In the Alliance
where our words


All of us seek

 to be part of a link

Notations we make;

lovingly disperse

Come on in,

 we’ll keep you
 on the brink

Enter Mirth and

You will see


~Dena M. Ferrari
© 2010


Still Moonless Nights


 Many a meal on the ships would be lost;

when oceans were mighty our transports were tossed.

Just two days before on the grand Frisco Bay

they boarded as speakers blared “Anchors Aweigh”.


The Red Cross had served them fresh coffee for days;

they waited for orders to see someone pays

For death and destruction Pearl Harbor had felt,

that day in December when madness was dealt.


The Golden GateBridge would become just a spot

for those who’d survive and for some who would not.

The ocean reflected the bright city lights,

but darkness comes quickly on still moonless nights.


© Joebirdies

Once upon a time in a far away place

I dreamt I saw your face,

Beauty that took my breath away

I hoped would come true one day.


Time passed by and the dream faded

And pain my heart invaded,

A spark remained but was dimmed

I wondered if I had badly sinned.


For any love seemed a forlorn thing

Never to be worn a ring,

My hope was dwindling so fast away

As my hair began to turn to grey.


Then out of nowhere you came to me

More than a dream could be,

Love grew beyond anything in my life

You agreed to become my wife.


The reality a blessing beyond compare

Beautiful and oh so rare,

You made me whole again my darling

Now in harmony our hearts sing.


© Chris Vaughan

My Brother

Before he died
The incessant
Activity of the ocean
He told me once,
Life comes from
Or our mother waters
Death should terminate
In mother nature waters.
I have found my tomb.
Now when I visit
The ocean and
I watch the activity
Of the waves
I think of him.


© E A Gomezx)

The Brontosaurus

There is a brontosaurus in my backyard that only I can see.
And when I want to look in the bird nest, he lifts me high in the tree.
We play and run, jump and hide all day.
There's no one but me that my brontosaurus can see
And I can hear what he has to say.

There is a brontosaurus in my backyard that only I can see
And every night, he goes to bed with me.


© Carol Sexton (mysticphoenix




 Grey days,

Misty Haze,

Morning Dew,

Watery sun,

Comes into view.


Leaves fall,

Orange and brown,

floating down,

Like fairies,

on the ground


The owl swoops low,

A shadow across the moon,

A flurry of brown,

Flash of white,

Into the night.


 © Pat Kings