If you feel in need of
Some words of love
Inspiration to lift you
Like a Dove

Go read poems with
Spiritual content here
Written to share love
And bring you cheer

Words to remind us
We are never alone
Words written to portray
God's love that's shown

If we just look up to see
His light of loving hope
Then no matter the pain
We'll find the way to cope!


Poets that like to practise
Hewn their skill
By syllable counting
Creating shapes at will

We've a place where all
These styles are shown
Shared by others
Because they've grown

Old & New styles created
Portrayed like art
With joyful inspiration
At taking part

Thus by writing styles
We learn and grow
To become creators
Of more styles to show.

 Style Section

If you not a poet
But have words to say
Be it essay, snippet told
In short story way

At 'Alliance' there's
A place just for that
To post short stories
Or snippets of chat

Just put in words
What's in your mind
Writing down thoughts
Is you being kind

Sharing heart from
Head, hand to pen
This way more thoughts
Come again and again.

Short Story Section

If you want a good laugh
Then you really must go
See all the joke poems
We have on show

In this section you will read
Fun loving poet minds
So go have a laugh
Release misery that binds

I swear some comedians
In the Media today
Would love thoughts sent
Like these their way

All are clean loving jokes
Just for family fun
In making you laugh stakes
They've certainly won!


We do not forget
The children too,
We've poetic stories
With get moral through

So children who need
Guidance as they grow
Will learn the lesson
Written to show

That good integrity
With loving and caring
Is the best way to live
In the world we're sharing

Through stories gripping
So they want to read
We can guide and delight
Them while doing the deed.


Need inspiration?
Then for challenge go
You will see we have
Many out on show

Read starter poem
Let imagery spread
Then post your effort
In reply to be read

If you enjoy the
Challenging thing
Then to the site
One of your own bring

Inform members
Then they'll take part
This way we share
Both poetry and heart!

Challenge Section

If your heart aches
With need of prayer
Don't delay read
The forum where

Special prayers are
Written to be read
By healing Angels
To help sick in bed

Prayers give caring
A most powerful deed
When we join together
The quicker the seed

For healing to grow
Reach Angels above
Then they'll come bless
With healing love.

Prayer Section

Thoughts are tools
Imagination in you
From Spiritual Soul
Guiding what you do

Never discard them
Encourage to grow
Written down a
Pattern soon will show

Never dismiss thoughts
Coming in your head
For it's Spirit guiding you
So follow be led

Love yourself have faith
In Knowing that they
Think you most worthy
To hear what they say...

Interested At All
Then Contact

If You Can Tell A Story
And You Put It
Down On Paper

Then You're
A Writer!

If You Then Can Do It
In a Certain Style

Or In Rhyme

Then You're
A  Poet!

Come Join Us!



 All the beauty to grace the earth
In the beginning as GOD gave it birth

That grand glimpse of the mountain to see
And percieve the swells of the grand blue sea

Yet to apprehend the handiwork of our only GOD
And view the certainty where all have trod

Feeling the grandest of fruit to offer man
Were the things to eat that came from the land

And even the eagle flying high above
A symbol of strength and pure sweet love

And as you look to see what all we share
Just remember , the beauty is all there



The Scribe

See my passion, my joy, my laughter,
my tears, my pain and my rage
spilling forth upon this pristine page.
The metronome of this beating heart
marking the rhythm of this writer's life.
Time captured forever within each capricious line.
I write, I rhyme, I pontificate,
I rhapsodize in sonnets sweet,
in madrigals sublime.
This is my song, my tribute to poetry divine.
It is my prayer, my earnest plea to all who read.
Lydian is my voice, dulcet my tone
ambrosian is the beauty of words
born impetuous from this poet's quill
heedless of my will.
The marauding muse that fevered fury,
the tempest, that singular storm
thundering in my soul calls me,
bids me come hither where ever we may go.
I whisper, I breathe, I murmur, I sigh.
I am but a scribe not the master of the write.

©  P. F. Kosak


First Kiss ...

When was the first time we kissed?

Do you remember at all?

It was a warm autumn night,

we were both fourtheen,

Walking in the dark alleys of old Tehran,

Do you remember at all?

We reached a corner,

had to cross the gutter,

You squeezed my hand,

I leaned closer,

You kissed my parted lips,

And a new me was borne that night.

I have lots of grey in my hair now

You have forgotten me by now

No doubt,

But I still wish

Oh only if you could remember me at all.

© Mojgan Imani



The Will of Mother Nature

Mountains will fall Sea levels in will rise

 Human consciousness will expand Fear and ego must die

Governments will topple Animal kingdoms will reign

 Mother Earth will wobble Grandfather Sun will make corrections

 And Grandmother Moon Will still love us all.


© Mel Brake



Trusting Spring


 I don't have time to watch it more -
the crooked clock of ironed past -
I don't believe I can feel spring
Unless I grab your hand and jump

Together in the blossom maze
Perhaps we bring ourselves alive
In poison-free redwoods up north
And secret Jacaranda wonders.

If eyes don't open - I understand
You don't need them to see our Heaven
But bear with me for falling seconds
And hope cocoons will burst and open


I sprout again through solid pavement
Against the reconstruction site
And I do know I can bring spring
Together with your warmth from Heaven.


©  iolanda scripca


Reflections of Love

 I see it in your eyes.  They are so soft and brown.

I am drawn into your fire like a moth to aflame.

My heart races at your touch

And feelings rise up that I cannot explain.

 You have shown me the universe, and in time

We’ll explore other worlds and continue to grow.

Our love is like the inside of your wedding ring,

It is true love; it is an eternal thing.

 How did I manage to catch you and make you mine?

How did I make you love me? I'll never understand.

To say that I love you is just not enough,

I'll prove my love each and every day.

 If I fail to make your life complete

You can drag me out kicking and screaming by my feet.

Reflections of love, Oh it is more than that,

You are my dreams come true.


© Glen Bear Smith


 Ghostly Apparition


Plain to see from the look on her face

Something or someone had frightened the young miss,

For she was flushed and her pulse did race

The ghostly apparition came again with a kiss,

Why a century had gone by

Still yet, this house was haunted,

Leaving the tenants of the house to cry

Ghost had no shame either,
as it pleasingly flaunted,
As legend told the story well

Seems many a years ago,
a lovers spat, turned ugly and raw,
A distinguished man screaming as he fell

Seeing is that he is pushed, tis what I saw,

From the scorned bitter wife he told to go to hell
Yet, I could not do a thing for my love,
Sadly, I am forever bound here to roam
Placed by the one up above,

This shall forever remain my home


© Lynne M. Cullen




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