The Writers Creed

Write Down at Once
Thoughts & Inspirations!

As Most Come At Night
When All Is Still

Keep Pen,  Paper or

On Table Beside Bed!
Every Day, Find Time

To Be Alone

Your Thoughts!

Take Note Of Them

Never Discount,
For They May Be

Inspired By

Whatever You Feel
Write About It

Even If You Feel Empty
In The Wilderness?

Then Write How It Feels
Just As You Would

When You Feel Happy
And Complete!

If You Feel Sad
Write About That Too

At First You May Be
Surprised At How

Many Relate To You
Making Compassion Grow

Thus Creating More & More
Inspired Healing Thoughts

That Need To Be Expressed!
Write Of Your Memories

Be That Child Again
Happy And Carefree!

Mind Travel To Far Distant
Lands For Adventure

Talk To 'Imaginary Friends'
That May Really Be

Cherubs & Angels Coming
Around To Inspire You!

Give Thanks




A Poetic Prayer Is

When It Comes From
The Heart Of You!

It Is A Healing Balm
For Self And For Others

That You Pray For!

Prayers Bring Healing
So Pray for Our Homeland

This Planet Earth!

Thank God For His Creation
Enjoy The Wonders And

Its Beauty Everywhere!

Most Of All Write To
Help Keep & Preserve It

For Your Children!

Doing This Makes A POET
A POET That Writes

Of What The Heart Thinks

And What The Soul Feels!
A POET Who Reaches Out

To Embrace Others....

YES! That Is A POET That
Truly Shares Themself



So Write On Poets
And Post Your Words On


Where They Can Be Heard


A Story Is Not A Story
Until It Is Told

A Poem Is Not A Poem
Until It Is Said!

So Post Them On Our Site
To Get Them  Read

In Doing So Your Writing
Will Improve And Grow

Then You Too Will Soon
Earn The Status Of



TO... SHOW......

If You Can Tell A Story
And You Put It
Down On Paper

Then You're
A Writer!

If You Then Can Do It
In a Certain Style

Or In Rhyme

Then You're
A  Poet!

Come Join Us!

Open Minded

Praise be to the open minded

Who search for answers
And endeavour to find it
Unrestricted by convention
Not blinkered or blinded
Praise be to the open minded.

Free thinkers open new doors
Doors that have never been opened before
Notable people throughout history  
Have changed the world
And unravelled the mystery.

Daring to be different
Thinking out of the box
Scorned radicalised and mocked
By the narrow minded
Conformist blinded
Who do not dare
To dream.

© Peter Dome


So soft the music
Drifting over the water
Magic filled the air
With gentle humming of guitar and accordion
Touching the minds and hearts
Of couples strolling along the river
So wrapped up in each others love
To them they were the only pair
Stopping to look at the river
Turning gazing into each others eyes
Loves heart shone
No matter how many couples
Two hearts filled with love
Entwining ascending up into the either
Paris The City of Love.

© Sue White

Seven Swallows Flew

One day as I was walking
Seven swallows they were flying in the sky
Two people they were talking
As I heard a kookaburra’s, laughing cry
In Heaven I seemed to be
I was really feeling high, I’ll not deny
So much joy was filling me

© Peter Duggan

Blind Panic

There was a warning came one day
It said disaster’s on its way
An old volcano in the distance
It could erupt in any instance

The molten ash came pouring out
As neighbouring village was in doubt
Folk were running to and fro
It seems they had nowhere to go.

Buildings were cracking one by one
Blocking out the golden sun
This thing did turn our day to night
As everyone was filled with fright

As the Earth did turn to lava
Many prayed to the holy father.

© Vera Duggan


2012 Prophecies


Nostradamus quatrains

Famous Frenchman’s foreboding forecasts

History’s course, well-charted in rhyme

 Startling revelations

Called Hitler “Hister,” brothers three – Kennedys

Forewarned the fall of “New City’s” twin towers

 Dire observations

Verses recently discovered reveal

Civilization’s demise, two thousand twelve

 Further consternation

Stretching across cold Atlantic waters

Unknown to him, two tribes concur

 Hopi, Mayan predictions

The end of time draws near; final years

Proclaimed in calendars, written in sky

 Chilling Armageddon

Nuclear war; stars and planets collide

Hellish fury fuels the clash; Earth dies

 Sacred retribution

When on the winter solstice, man harkens

To the call of God; Judgment Day arrives


©  Carolyn Devonshire





Values, Morals and Honor 

Three things I thought I had, 

I always thought it was all about me 

I was the coolest of the bad. 


My father would try to tell me  

"Son one of these days you will see, 

To live with Morals and Honor 

You have to learn some honesty". 


I just couldn't see what my old man meant 

To me he was rambling all the time, 

20 years later and trying to grow up 

His words I try to find. 


When I think about the words my Dad used to say 

No longer do I disagree, 

I am sharing these words with my son today 

Because his words had set me free.


©  Richard W Lamp



May Love Be the Light that Guides You


May love be the light that guides you,

May hope be your truest friend...

May God always walk beside you,

On faith, may you always depend.

Let honor be your companion,

Let peace settle deep in your soul...

May love be the light that guides you,

May your spirit be forever whole..

May your riches be greater than gold.

 © Ruth Thomas


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