Here We Have Video's
That Will  Delight!
Portraying Many
Authors from our site

Anthology books
Purposely done
To raise some funds
Whilst giving fun.

Poets World-Wide
Our collective name
Who write books in
The hope of fame

Being given to each
Selective title shown
So revenue for charities
Will be grown.

See the Videos created
To portray poets who

 Have written poetry
To entertain you

Poetry that really does
Have much to say 
Many with a moral in
To portray

How good life is
When the LORD above
Is allowed to fill
Our hearts with love!

Christina R Jussaume
Mary Ann Duhart
Joe Hartman
Lynne M Cullen
Do Excel
At The Christian poetry
They do so well!

There are other books
Done in poetry real
That  portrays food
For a delicious meal

Joseph S Spence
Is the writerof these
The Epulaeryu Master
That's out to please!

There's a video done
 A Very special one
About a book
Written not for fun

But rather written
To educate the young
From the abuse of drink
And drugs that's wrong

Richard R Lamp
Is the one doing his best
To help others addicted
He will never rest!

Now if you want a book
About the past
Written about memories
That will ever last

Erich J Goller you
Will find is the one
To give you this while
Portraying sadness and fun

Three books he has
One is his own bio
That tells all about
How a candle did glow!

If Hilly-Billy Characters
That often suffer strife
Living in the hills
Making moonshine their life

Give you delight as you
See the life they live
Michael L Schuh's books
This insight they do give

Ralph Stott his video
To be seen here
Is all about his book
That gives much cheer

Full off snippets, each
With 50 words no more
Each portrayed with sketches
He drew galore!

MAFLongfellow is the
One you must look up
If patriotic American Pie
Poetry fills your cup

Her video will show you
And certainly not by chance
All the history, trouble,
Greatness, love and romance!

Whatever you wish to read 
You will see and find
If you read this proud poet
With Patriotic mind!

Yes All these videos
Made for Poets to portray
Will truly delight you
In Every way

Hopefully enough
By The look

To make you want to
Go Buy The Book

Don't hesitate or
Stop to think
Just click below
To our BOOK STORE link

There you will see all
Lovely books on show

 Done by there these Poets
That You Know

Books that are Spiritual
Romantic Too

Books for little kids and
The Big Kid in You

Writing Poetry
(Alliance Acrostic)

-hen I write I just let

 my imagination soar

and sometimes to places

unknown this way I go
-emembering that the

sky is the limit and that

writing is wonderful,
ndeed, I just love it

when I get inspired
-ensions and problems

seem just disappear

when I am writing

all my poetry
-t gives me joy to

write in many styles
aturally for me

writing is fun,

keeps me alive!
-od is great,

gave it to me

-oetry is like a song,

enlivens and

unburdens my soul
-ver anything I can


is a wonderful gift
-njoy poetry!
-ry to write in different

styles and forms,

you'll see how much fun

you can have too
-ead poetry and as many

 books you can and just

write a lot everyday too
-ou can have lots of fun

and be happy you can write

 better,the more that you

practice it everyday.

© Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000

All Videos Here Were Created by Pat Simpson.

Writers Alliance


 Stars Book

Christina R. Jussaume

Music Book

Joseph S. Spence Sr

Michael L. Schuh

Mary Ann Duhart

 Poets Book 2010

Richard W Lamp

Lynne M Cullen

Ralph Stott

Groovy Poet Vienna

Joe Birdies

Michael Jackson Book


Dena M Ferrari

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