The Writers Creed

Write Down at Once
Thoughts & Inspirations!

As Most Come At Night
When All Is Still

Keep Pen,  Paper or

On Table Beside Bed!

Every Day, Find Time
To Be Alone

Your Thoughts!

Take Note Of Them

Never Discount,
For They May Be

Inspired By 'Angels'

Whatever You Feel
Write About It

Even If You Feel Empty
In The Wilderness?

Then Write How It Feels
Just As You Would

When You Feel Happy
And Complete!

If You Feel Sad
Write About That Too

At First You May Be
Surprised At How

Many Relate To You
Making Compassion Grow

Thus Creating More & More
Inspired Healing Thoughts

That Need To Be Expressed!

Write Of Your Memories
Be That Child Again

Happy And Carefree!

Mind Travel To Far Distant
Lands For Adventure

Talk To 'Imaginary Friends'
That May Really Be

Cherubs & Angels Coming
Around To Inspire You!

Give Thanks And


A Poetic Prayer Is

When It Comes From
The Heart Of You!

It Is A Healing Balm
For Self And For Others

That You Pray For!

Prayers Bring Healing
So Pray for Our Homeland

This Planet Earth!

Thank God For His Creation
Enjoy The Wonders And

Its Beauty Everywhere!

Most Of All Write To
Help Keep & Preserve It

For Your Children!

Doing This Makes a POET

A POET That Writes
Of What The Heart Thinks

And What The Soul Feels!

A POET Who Reaches Out
To Embrace Others....

YES! It Is The POET That
Truly Shares Themself Honestly


So Write On Poets
And Post Your Words On


Where They Can Be Heard


A Story Is Not A Story
Until It Is Told

A Poem Is Not A Poem
Until It Is Said!

So Post Them On Our Site
To Get Them  Read

In Doing So Your Writing
Will Improve And Grow

Then You Too Will Soon
Earn The Status Of


TO... SHOW......

Awesome are writer’s as quills marry ink,

Letting thoughts guide the Muse; rhyming in verse.

Loving the flow with the new friends who think,

In the Alliance where our words converse.

All of us seek to be part of a link

Notations we make; lovingly disperse

Come on in, we’ll keep you on the brink

Enter Mirth and Darklingmire; words in terse.

Here we are, from all over the world

From all over the world we come to write

We come to write for each boy and girl

For each boy and girl we excite.

We excite the words on paper

On paper we put our thoughts.

Our thoughts are there for all to see

For all to see for an eternity.

For an eternity our poems ring true

Our poems ring true for me and you

For me and you the Alliance will be

The Alliance will be a special place

A special place writer’s gather with glee

Gather with glee...and come join me!

                                                       © Dena

Once Upon A Time


Once upon a time in a far away place

I dreamt I saw your face,

Beauty that took my breath away

I hoped would come true one day.


Time passed by and the dream faded

And pain my heart invaded,

A spark remained but was dimmed

I wondered if I had badly sinned.


For any love seemed a forlorn thing

Never to be worn a ring,

My hope was dwindling so fast away

As my hair began to turn to grey.


Then out of nowhere you came to me

More than a dream could be,

Love grew beyond anything in my life

You agreed to become my wife.


The reality a blessing beyond compare

Beautiful and oh so rare,

You made me whole again my darling

Now in harmony our hearts sing.

© Bedspoet

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