The One Alliance


We are writers

from around globe

Write during day

and wearing robe


This site is

to bring us pleasure
In time it will be

beyond measure


Our minds connect

to then inspire
We will put out

the smallest fire


Our Chaplain

will lead us in prayer
His wisdom

he will always share


Stories and poems

you will find
Our site will help

you to unwind


I’m here to teach

you many styles
I offer friendship

across miles

Photos John can

help you to post
Pat is our owner

and our host


Give programming

a little time
Write and post

your favorite rhyme


Christina R Jussaume

Admin/ Style Tutor




Writers Alliance


With love and creativity

   we grow together sharing

   inspirational ideas,
Realize ambitions, be

   put to the test and stretch

   our imagination
In joyful ways to gain

True Friendships are forged

   through seeing we are

   like minded in caring

   and sharing love
Each one of us then
Relaxes to know,

   by bonding together

   we play a vital part in
Skilfully helping others

   along whilst growing

   ourselves in the process



L ove being as one in

   honestly caring and
Listening to what all others

   try to say with
Inspirational words wrote.
Noting how they write

   be it  free-verse or

    in stylish rhyme
Everlasting reads




If you are a story teller
or any other  writer

Be it a classy poet
or  a bit of a rhymer,

Then in our Alliance
you should be,

So don’t hesitate
Come join immediately

This is the Writers and Poetry Alliance's Public Site

Designed to introduce and explain what we do at

“Our Private Writers & Poetry Alliance Club

To you the public and to all other writers.

The Wonderful Poets World-Wide 


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The Writers Alliance

The writers alliance is a special club
Where all like minded can shoulders rub
The site is secure so safe is your work
And to keep it so the admin won't shirk!

We are a Spiritual loving, caring site,
Where prejudice will not be allowed to blight,
We are a site that loves opening arms to all
Willing to let peace be the trumpeting call!

So whenever you post your poems here
You can do so without having fear
You can write and then contentment feel
Knowing nobody will come in to steal!

Your words then sell them as their own
To be put onto cards as "Author Unknown"
That's why it's important for our '
Alliance' to be
Members only to be trusted by you and me!


With flow of written word and phrase

Enter our hearts your dreams to weave

And e’er the joy of your existence to praise

As the legacy of your muse you leave


Enter herein and for some fleeting moment

Touch another’s life then gently depart

Whether with beautiful music or lament

Seek with friends the fulfillment of your art


© John W Henson






Pat Simpson the Director at The Writers And Poetry Alliance is also the A.P.F.Publisher see all the lovely books done here in our bookstore

If you are a writer then within these pages you will find answers to all the questions you may have before coming to join us...


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