Take Limits off God



He helps with project
Gives what we expect
Limits He’ll exceed
Feel this His creed
You must prepare
As he lines
Up each
Thing to
Fills expectancy to brim


© and style created


Christina R Jussaume

Day By Day

(Ricks 32)

Day by day
for peace and mind
beam thy love
to keep safe in thy heart
for all things good to come
strength and hope
faith that imparts
rainbow days.

Day by day
carrying grace
love and care
life with joyful splendor
within of feeling free
leading you
along the way
throughout life.

Day by day
for all thy love
sun shall rise
and bring such magical joy
for all the rest of time
clear blue sky
filled with a song
all gray's gone.

© Erich J.Goller

style created 2008
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Great News!!!

Our Wonderful Style Tutor Poet crj147 who we all know as Christina R Jussaume  the Wonderful Published Author of Many Beautiful Inspiring Christian Poetry Books, is now devoting her time to help others by running on site
'The Alliance Poetry With Style Group'

A group formed for all accomplished poets that love a stylish challenge are invited weekly to write  in her chosen portrayed and illustrated style of the week...

Styles being popular old familiar ones and of course many of the not so well known ones to learn and also the newly  created ones done by the poets of  today...

This is also a group where any new poet that is not so familiar with styled poetry can learn and master the various techniques  so they too can be creative and maybe form a style of their own...then with Christina's choice have it has the style of the week for all to use...



Styles such as these lovely creations....




(Star of David)

Is the
He made the whole
Universe and formed man
The Bible doesn't explain where God just came from
But it says clear that He was always there
This is a mystery to me too
But I just believe, accept
God created all just perfect
In fact made us good and pure
Adam and Eve had wonderful lives
They ruled over everything God made
Adam just didn't have to work for a living
Didn't face pain or death
Till both did sin
After that
It was

© Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000
The 'Star of David' is a new poetry
form created by Dorian October 22,2009.



God Bless the Man

(Wheelchair Angel Style)



Is a kind

Loving man

That truly does

Trust in God.

He says


Prayers always.

Asking that others be cared for never for self

He is a really good caring and loving Friend,

With a shoulder for everyone

That has need of one to cry on

He listens then he gives comfort

Though he may be in need himself

God Bless this man with great big heart

That just needs….. Love not wealth

For this he does know…….Will never help show

All the deeply craved love…….From Our Father above

Whom he prays he will see…….When his time comes to be

That the white light will……..One day dreams fulfill

So that he’ll be blessed…….With sweet happiness

Thus achieved ….…All conceived

Mike is a kind loving man that truly does trust in God

Michael L Schuh we pray you, will be blessed for all you do!


'Wheelchair Angel'
A form of poetry created by Pat Simpsonto honor
Poet mike44 aka Author Michael L Schuh
Who we know as the wheel-chair angel… 


The Love That Comes With Believing

(Holy Grail)


My heart is sailing on oceans of love
To carry me over every bad storm
With loving strength coming from up above
To keep me solid and fast in good form
To help me be a mother that is there
To all my children when they have a need
To give comfort always and show I care
So they too know what love is indeed
Actions truly do speak loud
It’s what you give to do good
Then you’re right to be proud
Bloom like bud
Fresh and new
Keeping love
Within you
For God above
By giving you’re receiving
All the love that comes with believing


©  Pat Simpson


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