Love's Kisses And Music

Blending midsummer air
drifting softly
in the sapphire
twilight clouds
where the beauty of
love's kisses
and music
is real.



Erich J.Goller



At Twilight



At twilight  in

dreaming shadows
Power is mine

to claim
And command

the tender gold
Mystic tones of

loves flame




Pat Simpson



Bending Beauty


Arching trees bend
Kisses the hills

in twilight
Love’s blade meets
Marred world was

Real beauty is perfect.




Dena. M . Ferrari




Here in this book we are proud to show

Our P.F.P. Poery Maestro

Erich J. Goller a Poet first rate

Plus the other Poets that participate

In the challenges he sets to inspire

From poetic thoughts written with desire

For others to show expression in phrase



 Now along with Erich these Poets too

Are featured here just to inform you

Of their poetic talent that rises to be

Triumphantly tested by Erich weekly



John W. Henson and his wife Jan

His daughter Ruth who is a great fan

Of Christina R. Jussaume whose presence

Comes along with Joseph S. Spence


Well! Dena M. Ferrari we cannot miss

For she’s always blowing George Ellison a kiss

And Kevin Bates I have heard tell

Thinks Leokadia Durmaj writes real swell


Now Karen O’Leary always carries a jotter

So does I’m told Dorian Petersen Potter

So that they like Rhoda Galgiani

Can tease Pat Simpson and drive her barmy


Paulette Kodak. Sandra, Carolyn, Ralph Stott 

Also put great words in the pot

Then last but not least a female not fellow

No other than the star light Katherine Stella


Eighteen Poets all proud to show

The World and her oyster how to flow

How to share the written word

Because being read is like being heard!


Yes get the book give your self a treat

Then relax in chair and put up your feet

And has the pages with your fingers are unfurled 

You’ll find contentment in the Poetry world





With his love of PIM’S
Thinking them inspirational fun
Erich Poet Vienna
Soon got a challenge done
To become quite the master
With poems written to show
That a simple little challenge
Can make inspiration flow

So with joy we invited Erich
To join admin with a forum to do
His create a ‘Poem From Poem’ challenge
To inspire me and you
So go look at His new forum
Rules will soon be posted there
Along with a PFP challenge
Created with Erich’s own flair

To have Erich on admin
Is good for he’s known to be
A good poet most respected
For honest integrity
And you I’m sure all do know
He’s supported us from the word go
So now please give your support to him
Join in and help Erich’s forum swim...


To write a "Poem From Poem"
You pick out up to 20 words maximum
from the given challenge poem and then
write a poem,any style, rhyming optional. a way it is like writing a PIM .

The Rules: Very Simple!
your poem must have 20 words maximum. Pick your own title.
You Can Not use entire phrases from the poem or Entire Lines.
Every week a new poem will be Posted. for you to choose words from
I hope everyone will participate.
It will be great fun and very creative too
It will  help you grow as a poet!
Thank you!
Poet Vienna

  The Power Within A Poem