My Winter Love


The winter wind howls loud outside

My draughty room is chill

But deep inside I’m warm as toast

For you are with me still.


The cold bare branch of winter taps

Upon my window pane,

Now when your love comes tapping too

My heart is wide again.


I tried to lock and bar the door

To keep cold winter out

But still it creeps in everywhere

And spreads its ice about.


I tried to lock and bar my heart

To keep the pain at bay,

But when your love comes creeping in

It melts the bars away.


So though my window’s firmly closed

My heart is open wide

And welcomes in your warmth and love

To my heart’s fireside.


 © Tony Johnson  


Tree of Love

Two seeds meeting
on the ground mingled
then fell in love

Strongly they became
as one reaching
out above.

A strong trunk
they develop one
that's meant to last,

And has sunshine
makes them happy they
grow in springtime fast.

New little branches soon
appear they blossom
and they grow

The two main stayes
in the trunk happily go
with the flow!

Winter comes seeing
youth gone yet still
the tree is strong

That is until one
Terrible day when
lightening comes along!

To strike and take
a main branch one of
the precious two
To leave the other desolate,
heartbroken, lonely and blue

But Spring comes along
and the sunshine that's
always been in the heart

Helps hold the tree together
by knowing, death
will not part

For the love they had
at the beginning was
just as strong
on that final day

So the remaining branch
of that lovely tree
shoots back in her own way

For by knowing in life
that she'd had it all she
still stood firm and fast

So happy in the knowledge
that, their love is one
that will last!

Tree of Life

Tree of Love

Wonderfully Created

By God Above

Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson


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velvet wrapped
grit with twinkling


 © Karen O'Leary




Cracked Teapot




I’m a cracked teapot

Cracked not broke

Finding life tough

Not a joke

I’ve lost my reason

I no longer flow

When I try to pour

It just doesn’t go

Yes! I’m a cracked teapot

Not quite there

Since I’ve been alone

With no-one to share

A cup of tea

Or a story to tell

I’m a cracked teapot

And life’s not so swell

But I’m a cracked teapot

Living in the hope

Superglue will come along

To help me cope

Till then I will just

Have to bear it and grin

Knowing some times you lose

And sometimes you win…







Metaphoric Poetry
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The Shield In My Life 

It was a thunderous, illuminating night

When He appeared and talked of the shield.

I was there, just a face in the crowd,

Elated by His energy and sight

Enchanted by His charm and wit

As truth filled my ears.


But then not by choice

He revealed to my dismay the shield

Invisible to my eyes

Hanging heavy from my chest

Like a storms eternity.

He did loosen the cord

That bound that old worn battle shield,

I tried to stop it from falling as it tumbled

Crashing down around my feet.

Shattered, broken into a hundred pieces.


My heart began to weep. He smiled and said,

“ Leave it and be free”

Sobbing deep moans rumbled through my soul

As I bent to pick up the pieces

To take them as my own.

 Walking to a hillside. I laid the pieces down

Leaving them buried on the hill.

I turned and walked away,

With a flow of healing tears

I heard his voice within my soul

And in my heart I felt free from all my fears.


© Erich J. Goller




The party’s over now, I stand alone;
My hangover will cause a lot of strife;
But in the quiet times and in full swing,
The party was the best one of my life

© Jack Horne


The Storm

Rainbow Princess shoulders her cloak of many colors

A hue of shamanistic colors gives its glory to the sky.

Coral, citrine, gold, malachite, turquoise and amethyst

She scans Father Sun and relishes in his beauty.

She turns suddenly at a sound and sees

Blue skies turn silver gray on a lost horizon.

The breeze turns to gusts and the smell of rain

Portends of promising splendor.

A Rain Warrior rides his War Horse,

Its hooves stomp and the thunder rolls. Rain Warrior rides hard and furious.

His silver robe of falling diamonds and golden sparks Fling and flits behind him.

Cascading his fury into the storm. The sky cracks as he approaches.

Ahead he sees the Rainbow Princess. He has always marveled at her beauty.

She has eluded him before, But this time he wants her.

Her beauty, her color, her essence. She sees him approaching. Fast.

This time she is not afraid. Father Sun has remained to give her life.

She bows and remains firm. Rain Warrior throws his golden spark and surrounds her,

Entwining her with his powerful hold. The embrace is intense.

The energy releases a jarring jolt  And in that instant Rainbow Princess vanishes.

Thunder crashes and matches his yell of fury.
Diamond rain spills and pours over the land.

Rain Warrior will seek the Rainbow Princess Even if it takes eternity.

He will have her. Then, the real sparks will fly!


© Dena M. Ferrari


Tsunami Lament


The shores around Pacific’s rim are guarded by the might

Of buoys and men and radios, that watch by day and night.

The Indian Ocean’s balmy shores should have been guarded too

But the will to act was missing, the killer waves too few.

“We cannot spare the money” was India’s refrain

And echoed by the countries who could not see the gain.

What price upon a single life? What worth a hundred more?

How much to save a thousand bodies floating by the shore?

The stable door is open, the horse of death is free.

It rode upon the killer waves that they could not forsee.

So now they talk of forging a new bolt for the door -

The early warning system they could have had before.

 © Tony Johnson


A Girl’s Dream

Wing span seeks the circle of bright white light above its tips,

gliding as if an artist pen lingers in the feathers of delicate white

Height touches a shivering cold not yet warmed by the venture,

waits to happen within the flight of the Dove’s struggling wings

Flying in a circular fashion that lifts the Dove higher and higher,

the wings momentum climbs steady to reach the glowing white light

Blinded by the brilliance the flight must quickly descend coming back to a reality,

to one’s station in life that is home as the girl that was dreaming - awakes

© Rhoda Galgiani


The Long Road


The long road it keeps on going Round bend after bend after bend

Very often it is full of pain But with great joy it does also blend

Like when it feels it is cared for Having tarmac smooth and flat

Seeing the sun beaming down As if wanting to stop and chat

These are days when it's happy Like when a new lane comes to be

 Dancing and  prancing by the side  Of the now aging road happily`

It’s the hope of such joy continuing That the old road stretches on

Through pit fall after pit fall Tirelessly till day is done

When it prays its end will be  Light, high and full of love

To join with the one true road That leads to Heaven above



© Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson