A Witch’s Gloom

A witch I know fly’s on a broom
swooping and swirling gaily
flying as clock hits high noon.
A vision of black cats and bats
frightful ghouls and ghosts
wait for a trip into night air
to grab your cats.
Happy witch flying solo
on its broom taking a path
through a mystic night
witch’s laugh brings oncoming gloom.
Run to your room
and stand back of door
grab a pillow to block witch’s broom
slam door loud and hit wood floor!

© 2012 Rhoda Galgiani

Forget That U
Here we are once again....
What Letter is a NO-NO this time?!!
OK....we have already seen No A's...

No I's....No O's...No E's....
Are we close in seeing the next one?
If ya'll look closely....
we don't see.....
any "U's"!

That's right!
This time we will place
that tack...on that "U" key!!

Looking forward to seeing
what ya'll pop in!!

Here's to each and all!!
© Dena M. Ferrari

Most Holy Night


It’s Christmas 
the bells are ringing
golden tones
festive air
the hope the world has longed for
a season of love

His birthday

the savior for all
of mankind
angels sing
for goodwill and peace on earth
this most special night


from heaven to earth
love and grace
there is nothing like Christmas
on that holy night

With blessings
the Father smiles down
newborn king
Christmas day
of “Silent Night ,Holy Night”
reflecting the miracle 

© Erich J. Goller




Dena's Alphabet Challenges

Childhood Clouds

Once upon the long quiet street home
The town's children spied high in the sky
Rows of clouds drifting slowly
Looking just like mysterious forms
Of everything  they liked.
One time they looked it showed one thing....
Then the winds blew
Twisting the clouds differently.
They loved to see who could bring
The best descriptions they could describe
"I would like to be up there riding the horse cloud",
replied one boy Not me, replied the little girl next to him,
"I would like the one there",....
she pointed to the tiny pink dolphin cloud.


Silly songs they sung long into the dusk
They wished for the next time they could come together T
hey knew more clouds were coming
They knew there would be fun times before they grew up
They knew growing old would remind them of their childhood fun of times long gone....
They enjoyed their childhood...
Before Childhood clouds their mind...
Do you remember something cool  from your childhood?


~Dena M. Ferrari ©2014
        Challenge....No "A's"

ISBN  9781312702417