Poetry and Publishing
Is here for you,
To be able to portray
Everything you do.

This is a member site
To visit each day
To show your talent
In  every way.

Our members are truly
Writers that care.
With poets that really
Is not so rare.

Here we will help you
Polish your skill,
So dreams of a book
You do  fulfill.

Pick up your pens Writers
And do do with flair,
Then submit on site
For all to share!

Being reviewed you'll

Find helpful indeed,
Truly the best way
To  learn with speed!

If you’re a novelist or
A poet  like us,

Members, you'll find
The site a great plus.

With Admin to help
You shine and glow.

You can soon have a

Book out to show




We do an Anthology
Once a year

Where Poets Poems
Freely Appear

Poems that Poets are
Proud to say

I am happy my words
Are on display

In Anthology
Created by

All the poets that
Did certainly Try

To win the prize
Of a book done free

For a Poet to say
"This book is by me"

Can You Hear Me



I'm right here

by your side.

Remembering all

you did for us.

Your family

was your pride.


Can You Hear Me



They say

"Just Reminisce".

But what I want

to say,

Please remember



When you meet

our Saviour.

He will know very well.

For I've prayed

and talked to Him

About you for awhile.


Just say Hello!

Angels He will send.

They'll reach right down,

And help you in.


Can You Hear Me



I just can't say


Stay here as long

as you can.

Then I'll just

kiss you Mother





Who Happily Sails

On with Alliance



The Writers and Poetry Alliance along with APFPublisher are dedicated about helping writers/poets to achieve their publishing dreams...

To do this firstly A.P.F.Publisher gives the fairest deal around, not only with the expected, manuscript preparation and getting ISBN and copyrights secured, but with picture formatting and book cover designing too, all without any extra charges... Then unlike any other publisher that takes commission from your sales A.P.F.Publisher does not!
All 100% revenue on all sales are paid directly to the author...
Go view the site, read the terms and what all the happy published authors have to say here...

The Writers And Poetry Alliance

Knowing that although their A.P.F.Publisher is the fairest around, they still understand that for many the cost of having the dream of a book done or a second book done can still not be within financial reach.
So to give all members hope and a chance the 'Alliance' runs
a yearly competition where all members can submit a poem that they have written within the last year  into a competition where the poem selected by all as the best achieves the writer of it a free book publishing contract...This has been done for three years now with the all poems submitted going into these wonderful anthology books...the first being done in 2008 
Brought about each years winners these freely published 
other lovely books



Now with great joy they we are also giving  the chance for any poet with no book yet published the chance to win a free book publishing contract to in  varying projects.
this way in time we hope to see every one of our members in time being a published author/poet

What other poetry site has this same ambition?

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