The writers alliance is not
 a company grand
It's a new developing club
where together we stand
But a good club isn't built up
from bricks and stone
They grow with friendship
 and love alone!

So it's important we think
like Green Berets do
It's not Quantity that counts
but the special few,
Like minded Writers
who lovingly  share,
Their time and work with
members that truly care!

Members that review,
By not giving spiteful blow
But to do so constructively
to help others grow!
Yes! We believe the lovely
members, we have now
Are special like the Marines
 so take a bow!

And just like all Soldiers
a Marine would like to be
In time many more writers
I am sure we will see,
Wanting to join in too,
 but only if they blend
Or introduced by  member

that can recommend...

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Our Prestigious
Logo Awards Given
To Honour All Levels of
Writing and Reviewing
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 The Writers and Poetry Alliance firstly is a private club for members only...created so that writers / poets can share  work with other most trusted peers,  safe in a homely enviroment where it is free from prying eyes until it is ready for publishing... 

The Other Benefits are

1. For all new or unpublished poets that have never yet had the joy of holding their own book in their hands we do a Yearly competition... where the voted for best poem in the book will win for the poet a free publishing contract...

We never charge for your poems go in our anthologies 

(what other poetry site or publisher does this)



2.  You have a great feeling of being at home cared for by loving like-minded friends whose only wish is to see you achieve your ambitions...


3.   By posting work on site to be reviewed by others, you get the help of the extra eyes so often needed to reach the perfection you seek...

4.  By reading and reviewing others you build up your own talent to become a good fair critique and from the joy of reading and relating you find that your own inspiration grows...
5. You make new friends world-wide to expand your knowledge and understanding of how others live and think even further...
6. There are achievements to be gained, style competitions to inspire you and members that will ever support and inspire you to grow, be happy and create...





When you post a poem on our "Alliance Site" you are copywriting it as yours ...
When you give us poems to publish in any charity book or yearly anthology books that we A.P.F.P. are doing, then you are giving us permission for your work to be used...
Therefore we have printing permission ...


Persee we never stop or will ever try to stop any of you from publishing your work in any publication or presenting it on any other website...
This is true too of all books that A.P.F.publisher does...






Click the link below if you wish to see a glossary of all old and new poetry Styles ...

The writers alliance will always be here for you
To share and portray all that you do
For by doing so with colleague friends here
You will see how you give others cheer!


All  reviews given will help you to grow
By dotting the I’s and crossing T’s so
That you’ll get perfection for others to look
At your wonderful words when put in a book!


So pick up your pens all writers out there
Post your inspired words here to share,
By having reviews and returning one too
You will grow in knowledge and confidence too!

Then when you are ready for book to achieve
Send your manuscript to A.P.F.P. to receive,
Once done sit back and wait for the delight
Of having a book with your words in sight!


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